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2010.07.16  9:48am  

A bit of creative buzz from last lesson on Past, Present, Future Project. You should be proud of yourselves. The collages look great!

2010.06.24  7:36am  

Objects, we are surrounded by thousands of them every day. We see them, we use them, some we take for granted - they are just there every day but some we dream of wishing we had them. This term linked to the theme of Past, Present, Future we focus on the Project Object. What are the objects important to you? Why are they important? Why do you value them more than others?

A wallwisher is a good way of brainstorming ideas. I used it to think of all some of the objects that I find interesting and I wouldn’t mind researching a bit about them. 

2010.06.22  10:43pm  

Slideshare - turning your presentations into a film

2010.06.22  9:59pm  

Thanks to Mr Hawes we have discovered a new online programme that allows to turn PowerPoint or Keynote presentations into a ‘film’ (with the features of a slideshow) that you can share online. 

This will allow you all to share your Pecha Kucha presentations and embed them onto your class or personal blog.

This is one of my early Keynote presentations explaining how to make a Voki. 

2010.06.22  9:58pm  

8MW completed an evaluation survey after the MIB project. In this survey we focused on Personal Learning and Thinking Skills and how we used them while working on the project. 

Summary of responses to follow…

2010.06.19  5:43pm  


2010.06.19  12:31pm  

Pecha Kucha??? what’s that? how do I pronounce it???

2010.04.29  6:29pm  

Pecha Kucha- example of a presentation

2010.04.29  6:28pm  

Boys need to treat girls better!!

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHNhNjBNQ1pjTmVaVS11U2wtZzgtdEE6MQ Boys need to treat girls better!! How often are boys rude to you? All the time Often Sometimes Rarely Never How often are boys kind and helpful to you? All the time Often Sometimes Rarely Never Powered by Google Docs Report Abuse - Terms of Service - Additional Terms

2010.04.13  5:44pm  
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